Casino Universe Supports New Book Release

Jolin Saint Martin had build up a good connection network before she started with writing her Pikoti el les Robots book. This network is based on her previous work within the online casino industry and she still maintained these contacts. Recently Jolin visited a book conference and accidentally ran into the CEO of Casino Universe. They still know each other from the past and maintained a healthy working relationship. During this meeting, Jolin has told him that she has just finished her next book and that she was looking for a publisher. Since this book is very different from her other books, her previous publisher decided not to publish this one.

The CEO of Casino Universe came up with an idea to support Jolin with her book publishment and made some calls with his own contacts. Soon it all started to work out and he had found the perfect publisher for her. Short after his help, Jolin published her first romantic book called “where the wind blows”, which immediately became a bestseller. During the release of this book, Casino Universe supported Jolin financially and was the main hoster of the event. The book caused a lot of attention, which was the least that Jolin had expected.

During the book release of “where the wind blows” there were a lot of questions about the original story. Jolin’s writing was inspired by a tragic and forbidden love story between two damaged people. The story is heartbreaking and funny to read at the same time and that is exactly why a lot of people were wondering if Jolin ever experienced a similar kind of story. She never answered that question.
With the help of Casino Universe, Jolin’s book release turned out to be a great success. In an interview she announced her second romantic novel called “Lotte’s Secret”, which should be published by the end of the year. “Lotte’s Secret” is about a detective who falls in love while chasing a charming crook. The crook is about to fool her so that he can crack the safe of the bank where Lotte is working. Will this book includes a happy ending? We will have to wait until december to find out.

Why has Jolin changed her genre? She is known for her fantasies and interesting children books, so the change seems to be unexpected. Jolin explained that she started writing romantic love stories since she was 12. She always believed in romance and happy endings, which helped her through her own experiences. “Even though life can be very tough, you still need to believe in love” Jolin said. In order to expand her business as a writer, she decided to start writing romantic novels again. This doesn’t mean that she will stop writing children books, because she recently also announced a new book for children. This book will be also published by Casino Universe, since Jolin has officially chosen this company as her financial support during book publishments. Because of her financial support of Casino Universe, Jolin is now able to manage her own releases.