The childrens book Pikoti et les robots

Paris is a fun city for kids who would like to visit or tour as it has fun sites and places too. The city has fun people and holds many mysteries that are awaiting discovery. It is home to many skyscrapers and the famous Eiffel Tower that stands at an astonishing height of 320 meters above ground. It was built to serve as the entry point for the World’s Fair in the olden days before other monumental structures were erected in Paris. It is built from iron that weighs approximately 10000 tonnes. Paris holds many more fascinating and ancient buildings that will blow away your mind.

Pikoti is a French kid who comes from the bubbly fun city of Paris and has an overactive imagination when it comes to his surroundings. His parents love and care for him and always bring him toys and pets to play with for being a good boy. He has quite a large collection of toys especially from visiting malls and zoos with his parents and from school trips. However, his favorite toys are the three robots that he got as birthday presents last summer. He couldn’t hide his excitement when he first saw them since he always dreamt of having toy robots to play with. Pikoti set aside a corner in his room just for the robots that he named Macho, Qui, and Mawi. He could dream every night about all his toys who became his closest friends in dreamland.

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Her enthusiastic nature and kindred spirit got her a huge fan base for her story books that were published and read by children in Paris and the world over. Her books are still the best selling all over the world as she tells interesting stories targeting children. She looks out for any young people who write children books and helps the in publishing their books. No good deeds go unnoticed and rewarded. Jolin has received many prestigious awards from scholars and other institutions for her dedication and remarkable work in publishing 5 star rated children books including Pikoti and the Robots. This achievement has inspired many and other writers to look up to her for mentorship and guidance in coming up with relevant stories for children. In an effort to give back to the society, she uses the benefits she reaped from her multimillion online casino business to offer financial support to talented writers who cannot afford the cost of publishing their books. This kind gesture has also led to the establishment of Jolin Foundation. This glamorous foundation named after her was dedicated to helping upcoming writers to sharpen their skills and provide aid in publishing with the best publishers in Paris. The disadvantaged or less fortunate talented writers apply to get financial support and also meet with Jolin to listen to her motivational talks. She also supports the Foundation in other ways possible. For example she writes Dutch slot game reviews to further enhance the foundations proceedings.