About Jolin Saint Martin

Jolin Saint Martin is a prolific writer who has over the years melted children hearts with her interesting stories that she derives from personal experience and her fantasies. Her praises have been sung in many writers’ circles and has been quoted by renowned writers in their books. She is a mentor and cheerful giver to many destitute writers who were in the brink of giving up on their gifts.

She has visited many universities and other institutions as an extra mile to give motivation and empower youths to be innovative and be creative. She insists on coming forth to the podium to showcase any gifts or talents bestowed to them. Competitions and auditions are also held across France to select the best individuals who prove to be intuitive. They are granted sponsorships and scholarships to continue with their dreams. This initiative has seen many authors step up and get recognized by their skill in writing remarkable children books.

In Paris alone, more than a hundred authors can testify to the help they received from Jolin’s initiatives. Most of the profit she generates from selling her books goes to children homes and supports other charitable events to help enlighten young children with quality education. She has become every child’s favorite author of all time and they don’t seem to quench their thirst for thrilling and epic books especially the most recent book published, Pikoti el les Robots. Flowers and other gifts keep streaming to her home and office from impressed readers and distinguished persons in France. This is a clear indication of the amount of appreciation and love Jolin has gained from unknown readers and how well wishers are willing to make the good work go on.

In Paris where she comes from, she has been hosted in various conventions to give ideas in her previous online casino business even after retiring from it. Her multi-million dollar casino was used by many who enjoyed the services and promotions she offered unlike her rivals in that niche. Many have wanted to be associated with her unrelenting progress and charismatic nature in caring for others through random donations to the less fortunate. She has been nominated severally for humanitarian awards for the good she has delivered in France and beyond the borders. Words cannot compare to the effort witnessed from Jolin’s cheerful works both physical or through mentorships she offers to many. I hereby rest my case concerning the personality and fantastic nature of the graceful author Jolin Saint Martin for her selfness nature.