Other Books

Jolin has over the years made a consecutive track record of writing children books both fun and educative. She has developed a soft spot for children and this motivates her to write fun narrative books that can be traced in shelves all over Paris and several other continents. Due to public demand, Jolin has been forced to write a series of books about Pikoti les Robots. They include

Pikoti swims with Dolphins in Malaysia
Adventures of Pikoti and the Penguins of Antarctica
Pikoti rides the Rainbow

The above mentioned best-selling children books is part of a continuing series about Pikoti. The young character, Pikoti has been well developed by the author and has been in high demand by school going children. The author responded by assuring the correspondents that the series will go on for a lot longer and it will get more entertaining.

Aside from the well desired Pikoti series, Jolin has published numerous other books for children. If she hasn’t written a certain children book, she is featured as a contributor or is said to promote its publishing. According to the French blog posts on Jolin Saint Martin, it is rumored that she has more than five books in store awaiting publication and several other developing stories on improvement of children welfare and education syllabus they ought to be fed with.

Among these books include those concerning disadvantaged children who cannot see or hear. In collaboration with other stake holders, Jolin has seen publication of children literature in Braille. This move was highly applauded even by the ministry as there was a huge vacuum left when reaching such children who could not enjoy reading with their eyes and feel the joy others felt from reading the epic books. Many volunteers have been trained on how to teach children to read using their hands by feeling the written content and telling one letter from the other. These books by Jolin have been made available at local book stores and also donated to schools offering such form of education to the disadvantaged children.

The list of books involving Jolin is endless. She has also ensured children who don’t get a manual copy of her books can use portals she has provided for children to access online free of charge. She maintains anonymity in some books she writes or helped write so as to give credit to the upcoming authors. Her plan is to write more books in future for children all over the world to improve their sanity and what revolves around them.