Pikoti et les robots

Pikoti grew up as an interesting little guy who had a sense of humor. He managed to make his parents laugh even in the saddest of moods. He narrated cool stories of the many adventures and escapades he went to with his robot friends when he was asleep dreaming. His parents couldn’t help but laugh out loud when he explained his ordeals and how his robots world come to his rescue when he was in trouble or lost.

The little fellow always dreamt of visiting Africa to see lions and elephants in the wild. One night after a bedtime story he fell asleep holding his toy robots and hoped to have a dream down in the African savanna. True to his wishes, he slipped away to Africa finding himself in the jungle filled with wild animals of all sorts. At first, he was very afraid but, his robots came to life and assured him that they would protect him no matter where he goes. Filled with courage Pikoti took off running around the woods with his robot friends and if not all, the rest of his toys in his room came to life as robots. It was going to be an epic adventure and perhaps the best in his life so far. His little toy car drove him around the African savanna as he saw monkeys hanging and swinging from tree to tree. He reached a beautiful waterfall where he saw flamingos and crocodiles basking in the sun with their mouths wide open. The water point fascinated him and decided to camp there for a little while longer. His robot friends made tents for him to watch the lions and cheetahs that came there to drink water. Some fierce animals threatened to eat him but the robots defended him from all sides. He was terrified when an elephant came charging towards him. Pikoti took off immediately in his robot car that also flew on his command. He hadn’t had enough of Africa and so he decided to explore further and go find gorillas that lived up high in the mountains. The stories he read portrayed gorillas as huge and fun animals that small children could play with. Before he could fly all the way up the misty mountain his morning alarm went off but he didn’t want to wake up from his adventurous dream. He looked around and saw his robot toys lying on the floor and wished that one day his dream would become a reality.