Pikoti et les robots dans le casino

Those who know the Pikoti series know that these books are primarily educational. Some of the titles want to make children aware of other, disadvantaged children and others want to teach the children about the dangers in life. All with the intention of making the children who read these books more aware and more tolerant. The latest title, Pikoti et les robots dans le casino, is created to make children aware about the pitfalls of casinos. It shows how casinos can be a great place to have fun, but only if you are smart about it.


The story starts with Pikoti inheriting a huge sum of money from a relative he doesn’t know. So instead of mourning the loss of this relative, he is happy about his newfound wealth. Obviously, he tells his robot friends about it and they convince him to take them to the casino to start gokken, or gambling. They all agree that Pikoti will spend a maximum of ten per cent of his inheritance in the casino, as they all know there is a chance that he might lose the money. After all, you never know what happens when you walk into a casino.

Nao knows best

One of the robots that Pikoti considers a friend, Nao, is sure that he can lead Pikoti to a casino victory. He claims that as he is a robot, and slot machines are robots as well, it will be easy for him to crack the code and hit the jackpot. With a little doubt in his mind, Pikoti decided to give Nao a chance as it is his best option. Nao will do all the gokken in the casino for him. Before starting, Nao observes the slot machines and the people playing them. After a while he decisively approaches Pikoti and tells him he has a plan. They hit the first slot machine where they lose €1.000, a second where they lose the same amount and a third. Before wagering anything Pikoti turns to his friend and says it’s his last chance to prove himself. Nao is sure, but after he loses another €500, Pikoti decides to no longer let the gokken be in his friends’ hands.

Another twist

After this casino adventure, Pikoti continues with his normal life of going to school. Only with a lot more money in the bank. Until one day another one of his robot friends sends him an email. It reads Ik beveel deze website aan. This robot, Al, is Dutch so he is used to sometimes receiving messages from him in another language. As soon as he translates it, he sees that Al recommends a certain website. He clicks on it to find an online casino. Weirdly enough it’s called Weird Al’s Casino. For a robot, Al has always had a great sense of humour. However, Pikoti is a bit reluctant to try his luck in the casino again, but Al convinces him that together they can crack the games.

Will the casino win?

The rest of the book will reveal whether or not the house will always end up winning. It tries to teach children that there is no way to know what will happen in a casino as the games are totally random. That’s why it’s important to always be cautious.