Supporting Authors

Jolin has been mentioned in journals and blogs many times than I can remember. Her exceptional work and charitable spirit has led different authors and motivational speakers to seek audience with her. Wherever there is a meeting or congress about authors she provides key points on how to generate master copies of children literature. She helps in creating the characters and guiding how a story should take course from the introduction to the conclusion. She has also come up with catalogues and manuals to guide amateur writers on developing scenic stories. Online platforms and online book stores have also been made available by Jolin for people all over the world to access and can do tests online to get accredited to write their own books.

Jolin is not holding back on been generous to the less fortunate authors who do not have financial ability to pay for publication of their books. Among the beneficiaries are young school going students with unique talent in writing and adults who are venturing into this genre of writing. The writers are not only based in Paris but also from USA, Asia and Africa. All one needs to qualify for financial support is be creative and have a soft spot in writing quality work that can be understood by children.